More Bait.

Mar 06 2012


Mar 06 2012

I get this kind of thing in the mail and I think our message is not making it through. The Email was titled EBay Bling!

I’m sure the bike sucks, I didn’t look at it.
Good frame does not equal good bike.
Who cares how much $$$ you wasted on it?
What do you think we’re some kind of pimp service for shitty track bikes?

Head Turner for sure.

I guess we’ll just have to try harder.

Seal of Germantown

Mar 06 2012


Kelpius Cave deep in the Mystic Wissahickon Valley.

Attn NWP: For whatever reason you can buy Masi wine at the Mt Airy State store.

Freschi Touring Devotion

Mar 06 2012

Zaun Freschi

Christmas in Milano 81

Mar 06 2012

Masi Shop + Alberto’s GTI

Masi GTI (I mean this is of most interest to Esher and Skrew)

(Check out my friend’s CB jacket)

(This post contains so much landlords stuff – (freschi, masi, pogliaghi, campagnolo, vigorelli, VW GTI, CB jacket, jeans and trainers, skiing sweater, if there was a guy smoking a joint, reading a zine, and doing a tag it would almost be complete)

Current EBay Value of Pogliaghi Pista Frame

Mar 06 2012

$800 with a dent and no fork.

So much for Swedish Design…

Mar 06 2012

Buster vs Precision

Mar 06 2012

Beater Chesini

Precision Chesini

Good rides for their own reasons-just so you know-it doesn’t have to be a 79 showbike to be awesome.


Mar 05 2012

Tom Kellogg Bike World 78

Mar 05 2012

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