Gios Dedicated

Nov 21 2015


Mr. Aldo Gios dedicates his signature to our lowly crew. Courtesy of GS Guccilife

I stopped by the Gios website and saw this nice box on the front page:


59 or 60 c-c, for research and review purposes of course.

Check out the Gios Torino Instagram
for pictures like this:

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 5.02.50 PM

Signage Report

Nov 21 2015


“Tax Returns Prepared” revealed after a building is torn down under the tracks in the Logan neighborhood of North Philadelphia.

Pro Department

Nov 20 2015

FullSizeRender (3)

Frankie A paid NYC VELO a visit. Mat T grabbed a picture and a signature for the wall. I wonder if Frankie knows how ill Mat T is…

I mean he can skateboard on a wall amongst other things.

This Never Happened Before

Nov 20 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 12.49.31 PM

Over capacity . Over crawled.

It’s Not Going to Fit on the Van

Nov 20 2015


Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 12.00.15 PM

Matt from Via spotted this lot of 4000 bikes on Craigslist in Wisconsin.

I wonder how this guy counted all those bikes. One of those clickers?

Friday Seleckter

Nov 20 2015

One of Us…One of Us

Nov 20 2015

Wiggo shows of some Italian Steel from his quiver- also a EuroMTB bianchi, borrowed from who borrowed it from his instagram.

Plus points for the non-ironic Joy Division shirt and looking like you haven’t taken a shower in 3 days-Landlords Styles

Yo fam.

Pump some Warsaw and look at bikes.

Signal Discussion

Nov 20 2015


“I saw that post from the other day about the “Select” bike. It looks Iike low end Italian to me as well. There were several reputable companies that produced low end frames for mass market, usually upright city-type bikes. Gios, Frejus, Stella (French in origin, but Italian looking in style), Bianchi, and Olympia all produced bikes like this. That seat lug looks like Frejus or Olympia to me. It may also have been re-painted and decaled at some point in its life. Usually they were set up with cottered steel cranks and shitty low end Campy components (Valentino, etc) and Ballila brakes and what not. Looks like a great set-up now and hopefully provides good service to its owner!

Matt from Via Bikes gives us some info about city bikes after seeing Andrew’s Signal.


Street Report

Nov 20 2015

photo (11)

“dirty. even by my admittedly subpar standards. started out my day with a set heading midtown east and a triple to astoria. yo-yoed around manhattan the rest of the day. at 4:45 i got 3 rushes heading to times sq/hells kitchen area and by then it was fucking pouring and the wind was picking up, bad combo if you’re a nerd with glasses like me. how fignon raced the spring classics is beyond me. one of the hardest evenings ive had on the bike in ages. heading up 8th with no visibility after nightfall is heavy. special no thanks to dispatch for clearing me out at 57th and 11th, that ride home to red hook was a special kind of suffering. but its kind of cool, you just focus on reaching where you have to go and try not to think about how cold you are. puts you in touch with all the dudes doing battle during the tour/giro etc. most people never get to experience suffering like that, it makes for good experiences.

also yo its super gross when they let the horses shit all over the 72nd st traverse through the park and then it gets all broken down from the rain and you gotta be careful to not hit em and get horse shit all over your legs. this city is so fucked.”
-Ben Ske

cArS ® cOfFiNs Brizzo

Nov 20 2015


Geneva Ave, ~8am.

Richard D pedaling in.

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