Oct 26 2016


In a week…

Oct 26 2016


This will all be over. What an adventure we’re on…

Be part of it.

Buy some arm warmers!

Italy and Japan

Oct 26 2016

We haven’t heard from Italy or Japan. Geez dude. I mean what? That’s our people.

Wednesday Selecter

Oct 26 2016

Earsnot famously said he stopped following rap music after Papoose came out. That’s about right for me too. But lately some of the stuff on the radio sounds good to me. Young MA on Quiet Storm, that’s good.

You hear her little intro? that’s how we feeling right now.

Other Sport

Oct 26 2016


Mat T GS ollie.

I was just thinking back to a year ago when some people didn’t even know what the GS was…You guys, you got to pay attention. We’ve been building this up for years.

Take us over the Top!

Oct 26 2016


Well you’ve seen how everyone else came together. We’re about to hit our first summit. But we need you to get out of the saddle.

Now it’s your turn.

Be part of our movement, don’t sit in the pack and expect someone else to make the breakaway.

Landlords has given you so much, now it’s your turn to give back.

Support the Contributors. Donate to GS Landlords.

BTW we’re doing this all from within. No outside help or linkage. We’re the dark secret of cycling. I could personally name a few people who owe the blog a lot who should be donating, but for some reason they think they got a free ride. hmmm.

I think you know the old saying…No one rides for free.

International Friends as well, don’t forget to donate…

You Made Steve Add More Rows.

Oct 26 2016



Steve from Santini had to log into the google doc to add more rows. But now we gotta fill them in. That’s crazy. Time to buy that kit! Arm/Leg Warmers/Full Kit Available now at team prices. I know what you’re thinking…

Why am I stalling when the clock is ticking? Do I really want to pay double, if I can even get them, after next week?

Santini Store

I think Steve is sending me some kit to show you guys what this stuff is looking like. But I haven’t heard from him in a couple days. We’ll see.

International friends please contact info@duffedout.com for ordering info.

zo documents

Oct 26 2016

“in honor of zo getting his jersey…from one of barry’s books.”
-Adam S

NWP Update

Oct 26 2016

Wayne Junction

ICY Signs Donation


Oct 26 2016


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