Issue 6

Aug 16 2017

A page from Issue 6 on the streets now.

Remember last summer when we got into late 80’s early 90’s punk and hardcore scene politics and some of you were like “WTF is this blog?”

I was just getting you ready for what was on the horizon.

Drawing some lines. Getting some facts straight. Establishing a timeline.

So in issue 6 you can see we get into it.

Where the styles of the GS Landlords evolved.

The Youth Crew.


If issue 5 and 6 are intro.

7 is full blown.

We rip a lot of shit up.

Be ready for it.

I did a lot of this work last summer, to prepare you for this summer.

I don’t know what to prepare for next.

You got me here. We’re in uncharted territory now.

At least we still got bikes right?

And each other.

That’s something.

Vuelta starts this weekend.

Aug 16 2017

Aug 15 2017


Aug 15 2017

Interesting Patelli made Castriotta. Are all Patelli logos stenciled? looks cool.

road version

spotted on an EBay.

Mail Update

Aug 15 2017

haha. Chinese Speed Pill spammers are really working hard.

One Week.

Aug 14 2017


Mail Update

Aug 14 2017

Hooker Elite Legal Speed TT — Probably Rob Roberson

Aug 14 2017

Zach from Amigo frameworks spotted on EBay.

Aug 14 2017

Middle of the pack this weekend but you always win when family's around. #pbma #gslandlords

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Tommy G Selecter Street Meet.

Aug 14 2017

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