Jinxed Yourself

Jul 14 2016

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This Exists

Jul 14 2016

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Ventoux 3 ways

Recap Rally

Jul 14 2016





Favorite Voice of the Summer

Jul 14 2016

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Jul 14 2016

-d lord

Love Park

Jul 13 2016

click and check out AJ’s shirt. 1995 team

Jul 12 2016

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Not Rollin

Jul 12 2016


The guy on the tandem can only touch the ground with his toes if he’s on the saddle. He’s trying to get started but everytime he puts his feet on the pedals they almost fall over. He’s looking over at the rental place for help but he doesn’t want to embarrass himself. The beach buggy bike thing rolls by “beep beep” Not sure how the story ends.


Jul 12 2016


at least 7 bikes of the SE/PK ripper variety.

Belmont Hills Pool Bike

Jul 12 2016

(someone’s bertoni with a new fork.)

(Bertoni was a brand created by Ben Lawee circa-1980. The frames were manufactured in Italy, sometimes mistakenly assigned to Bianchi, which had no connection to the Bertoni brand other than Ben Lawee’s Bianchi imports during the 1960s. Earlier Bertonis have frame details that are similar to the Torresini-made Italvegas. The 1984 and later steel frames do not bear the typical Torresini details. These “second series” frames all utilized Columbus tubesets of Matrix, SL or SLX type tubing and featured Columbus “short point” lugs and Cinelli-type Columbus bottom brackets & semi-sloping fork crowns. Seat stay lugs were Gipiemme, brazed into the contour of the rear quarters of the seat tube lug. Other braze-ons were also Gipiemme, including the two styles of brake stay bridges used, depending on the model, and the induction-cast “box arch” chainstay bridge which was common to all steel Bertonis, with the exception of the TSX model – the frame of which was obviously the Daccordi Griffe, but with Bertoni inscriptions and decals. Dropouts were forged Columbus on the lower/mid range and Campagnolo for the upscale models. The line emphasized function over flash (except for the “flash” of the ‘cromovelato’ – thin paint over chrome – paint jobs) and received favorable press regarding overall functionality and quality, as well as the ride/handling of the steel-frame models. The line itself was fairly large, comprising nine bicycles in 1988. The range included a disc-wheeled TT bicycle and a Bador (Vitus) aluminum model. wikipedia)

Bang a left at the Italian restaurant, climb up some steep ass hill, hit the pool. Lock it up with some dental floss you’re in the suburbs.

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either or

I haven’t done this way home, but I have done a bunch of the other downhills there. You grip those bars haha.

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To leave the almighty German Township and NWP you can choose one of these quick paths down:

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No one ever made a segment for Green Lane going down. Huh.

Or the full climb from Main Street to Ridge? Huh.

or a lot of those squirrley routes through the Philly side of the valley?

or like any of those ridiculous downhill routes?

I always think Strava is fully mapped and then stuff like this isn’t there. You would think these would just be orange lines for people that like extra thrills and extra work.

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