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May 31 2019

NYC Update

May 31 2019

-Mat T

NWP Update

May 28 2019

Mat T update

May 28 2019

Landlords High Priest: Chicken Man

May 28 2019

Rando Shawn qualified for PBP

May 23 2019

“This past weekend I finished the hardest route I have ever ridden, which happened to be the 600k qualifying brevet securing my place to start the Paris-Brest-Paris 1200k ride on August 18.
Unfortunately the 101 degree temps on day two put my body into the dehydration/overheat zone taking away what would have been a PR for that distance.
Philly held it down with 7 people qualifying from here and headed to France. I am excited that members of our local scene get to ride in the oldest open road event in the world. While technically not a race anymore, people always go after course records. Should be exciting to see what goes down.
I am off to do another 600k out in Seattle in a week, hopefully I’ll report back with more photos than I did for this ride.”


May 22 2019

Landlords … Germantown

May 21 2019

Battle at Fort Mifflin

May 20 2019

Turn your bikes over!


Loading up at Sedgley

Pre Race Meditation

Tunnel Vision

Jaheim’s Helmet

Inside the Fort

Taylor breaks it down. Tamir ready to fly.

Squad is focused

Endless line.

Waiting on results.  Tamir holding the 1 men’s A spot by 0ne minute.

After race meal.

Bikyle up in there.

Marquell Gets 3rd for Men’s C.

Tamir 1, Jaheim 2.  Men’s A. Flexing.

rowdy hot bus ride home.

Jaden at East Falls.

Once again Germantown represents. Dominating the men’s A. Our final crit is June 1st. Come check us out.


May 17 2019

-mat t

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