Somewhere in Oz

Apr 03 2019

The whole city is covered. Except that 1 building.


Apr 03 2019

go for it.

Apr 03 2019

-wiss conditions update.

if you’re going to send it, go all the way dude.

NYC/PA rando 300k

Apr 03 2019

The route I just rode brought us through the Delaware State forest/Poconos/Water Gap areas. Very beautiful riding out there. Spring is here and I am halfway qualified for Paris-Brest-Paris.
rando shawn

Matty P Update

Apr 01 2019

TCC update: North Philly Edition

On Friday I was inside making a drop at the medical clinic on N. 5th & Indiana. Part of a regular North run I do on M,W,F. Walked outside to find this mess. Glad I stopped minutes earlier to take a photo of the dog pack or else I might have been smashed up. I’ve been doing this run with little trouble for a year, but in the past 2 months I’ve been hit (and run) twice by reckless drivers on N. 5th st and saw a woman die on the steps of my drop at K&A in January. Friday was my last day doing this as a regular run. Why tempt fate?

(one day later this happened…and you wonder why his name is pessimist)


Apr 01 2019


Heavy Hitters

Apr 01 2019

Detail of Chill Cycle storefront.

Full photos this week.

Chill Cycle + GS Landords = Landlords Cycling

…and don’t you forget it.

All Dressed Up and Going Nowhere

Apr 01 2019

You try and decipher these accents.

John Smith Update

Apr 01 2019


Apr 01 2019

Cheryl Dunn-March 2019.
mat t

This is a good place to return from spring break.

This is artist, photographer and filmmaker Cheryl Dunn.

The Landlords first appeared in her 2004 short film and book, Bicycle Gangs of New York.

You can thank her for providing the launching pad for the last 15 years of Landlords Cycling.

Ultimate Respect.

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