Matsuri Catalog

Feb 02 2016




Get to work in NYC 1980 style on this Japan to America import.

There’s only one track bike in this catalog and no BMX bike. I’m not sure how long Matsuri existed 4 or 5 years? It would be interesting to see the other catalogs to see the track bike. In the specs it’s listed as drilled for caliper brakes. I’m assuming they thought this was going to be used as a trainer on the street as well as an actual track bike.

I like how the t-shirt is a track bike shirt. These guys were really ahead of the streetwear game. “A meaningful encounter”

Its got a lifetime warranty, Twills should write to Nissan and try to get a new one.


Feb 01 2016


BK Treviso

Feb 01 2016


This ad says “Bushwick” too. What stop? A lot of people live in East Williamsburg Industrial Park trying to call it Bushwick.

CX Worlds Highlights

Feb 01 2016

I’m more interested in the pro races anyway…

What a course, what a race, Van Aert.

I’d link the full races but UCI blocked it in the US.

Blame Comcast.

One other thought:

Do you think any pro’s had to ditch their moto-bicycles before the race?

Probably so pissed

Coppi e Bartali

Feb 01 2016

Hamming it up about bikes and dope in 1959

Bike Belge

Feb 01 2016

I’m still thinking its better to have a motor in your bike than to shoot Pot Belge into your veins.

I guess.

Pot Belge is crazy, we’ve discussed that. When your brains are drug addled its hard to think logically. You’re paranoid, depressed, and angry, all the time.

If you’re a pro athlete and you get caught you deny,then lash out at everyone, and then run away to go get fucked up for a couple months, or years, or in worst case scenario -die. If you’re alive you can still get back into the peloton or get a job in media.

But if you just have a motor in your bike. I don’t know what you do after you get caught. You’re in pretty good shape, you’re not hurt, or addicted-you’re just a cheater who got caught. I don’t how you recover from it. Its new ground. Have a drink, smoke a el, go back to college. I have no idea. Get into triathlons or table tennis or something.

I mean CX world is pissed but there’s some coach out there looking for talent and $$$.

Femke’s 19, she’s got plenty of time to work it out. You know her brother got bagged for traditional doping?

Hey speaking of triathlon here’s an interesting fact:

The first triathlon was a regular cyclocross race and then some dude named Rojer with no bike handling skills fell in a canal. The rest is history.

Sike-I totally made that up.

The first triathlon happened when a dentist who couldn’t ride a bike crashed into a lake, swam out and then was chased by a bear for 10 miles on foot.

The bear got 1st.

It’s in the record book.

Afterwords they found out the bear could actually ride a bike better than the dentist.

He was awarded a Cervelo.

That’s totally true.

In the Basement on 2nd Ave

Feb 01 2016


-mat t

Delta with Heart

Feb 01 2016


Vintage Assos

Feb 01 2016







ebay of the world.

Wool Morning

Feb 01 2016



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