Sound Clash

Dec 19 2016

Selecter Rewind

Dec 19 2016

Pump Sound Volume

It is A Parrty

Dec 19 2016

Boston Selecter

Dec 19 2016

Since we’re doing boston/

Private Week Knowledge

Dec 19 2016

Captain John Smith put us down with Lou Miami during Private Week.

But there was just so much more. Old friends appeared. The past came to life. The portal was open.

We were in the Dustward.

You know there’s a thing to paraphrase from somebody

When you look into the Dustward the Dustward looks into you.

Let’s Party Selecter

Dec 19 2016

We’re still alive. !!!!

Private Week After Party.

Private Week Leak

Dec 19 2016

Hey if your friend shows you his screenshot collection of Private Week you should warn him.

You: Hey man I’m telling you this as a friend. I know you think stealing that shit from Private Week is cool but you’re really just angering the Cycling Gods. You don’t want to be on the wrongside of a vengeful Cycling God do you? Tires go flat, tubes crack, you fall…you never know how they will punish you.

Friend:Dude lighten up ok? Like what’s the big deal. I’m just saving these screenshots so I can enjoy them at my own leisure. Don’t be so uptight bro. It’s just some pictures on the internet. Cycling gods. Gimme a break with that hocus pocus voodoo shit. There are no Cycling Gods. fucking idiot.

You:(shaking your head in disbelief and horror):just some pictures on the internet? ? This is Private Week fool! This is a once in a lifetime moment and you’re trying to make it your own.

Friend:Yo shut the fuck up dude. There’s no cycling gods. it’s just a blog with some pictures I like. That’s all. I’m not stealing anything so lighten up.

You:Fuck you motherfucker. I’m about to fuck you up so you better fucking delete.

Friend:Dude whatev-

You:(hit him right in the fucking mouth). I told you shithead erase that shit or something bad is going to happen.

Friend:Fuck you man, just fuck you.

You:(hit him again) I’m trying to save your dumb ass scumbag. You don’t know what the fuck is going to happen to you. me punching your face in is the least of your worries.

Friend:just leave, just leave or I’m calling the cops.

You:The cops? The fucking cops? They can’t save you from the Cycling Gods. No one can. You fucked up man, you fucked up really fucking bad.

Friend: Whatever dude-just fucking go, just go I’m calling 911 now. I’m calling

You:Make sure to tell them how you stole from Private Week fuckface Make sure to fucking tell them you pathetic motherfucker. You’re out of the GS you know, you’re done.

Friend:The GS. pffffft yeah right. big deal dude.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt Lightning Strikes him almost dead on his next bike ride. Fried in his saddle. Then he gets hit by a car, the car knocks him off a cliff. At the bottom of the cliff is the ocean. A shark jumps out of the ocean and grabs him. Some other sharks get in on the action. It looks like the part of Temple of Doom where the crocodiles eat the KaliMar dude except with sharks and lycra.

They spit out his bike. It’s so dumb and shitty they don’t even want it.

Post Private Week Selecter

Dec 19 2016

“Justin Hinds was born in Steertown, Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica on the 7 May 1942. He started his musical career singing in bars and on the beach in Ochos Rios. Hinds moved to Kingston, Jamaica where he became influenced by Rastafari.
He was turned down by Coxsone Dodd’s label, but signed with Treasure Isle Records. By this stage, the Dominoes consisting of Dennis Sinclair and Junior Dixon had become his backing vocalists.
He is best known for his work with Duke Reid’s Treasure Isle Records, where his most notable song, “Carry Go Bring Come” recorded in late 1963, went to number one in Jamaica. He recorded seventy singles between 1964 and 1966, and was the most popular artist on the record label.
In 1966, he became active in rocksteady, a predecessor of reggae. He had several more hits in Jamaica including “The Higher the Monkey Climbs”, “No Good Rudie”, “On a Saturday Night”, “Here I Stand” and “Save a Bread”. Hinds parted company with Reid in 1972 as an artist, but was present when he died a few years later.
Hinds died of lung cancer in March 2005, at the age of 62.”

GS Monday Morning

Dec 19 2016



Gimme a second on this. I’m still recovering from private week.

There was just so much there. Hard to process everything, or even imagine it was all there a couple of minutes ago.

Private Week. Holy Shit.

Dec 19 2016


If you were there, you were part of history, if you weren’t you missed out.

Thanks to ZO, Dan Lord, Bonus and everyone else who spilled their files.

I hope everyone learned at least one thing about why things are the way they are.

And why Landlords runs the whole shit.


R.I.P. to everyone no longer with us!

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