Jun 23 2016

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Jun 23 2016

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If you want to bring back the 90’s I guess reopening Holmesburg is a way to do it.

No no but really this is really gearing up to be something interesting.

Critical Mass set off the RNC 2004 in NYC.

Remember the bike is the best way to get around in these situations.

Is there a Critical Mass scheduled for the DNC 2016?

Maybe no one has the heart for it anymore.

SL Selecter

Jun 23 2016









ebays of IT

I am not youth culture.

Jun 22 2016



ressurection shirt 1991

This would be hype to wear to the boardwalk that summer. Let everyone else on vacation know you’re not like them. Shore Core gear.

This is a great illustration of the change straight edge hardcore went through:


release in 89



ressurection in 91

I think both of these songs held up, It’s cool how different they are- 2 or 3 years went by and things had just moved on.


Look at this show in 93.

This was near the end or Ressurection.

Hardcore in this area sucked and the shows were boring. (No offense to Chris or Bull or whoever booked the show. ) Everyone went to college, got to smart for hardcore and forgot about why it was fun to begin with. They learned to play their instruments, and then had nowhere else to go. So they kept playing “hardcore” shows.

The violence and aggression of the earlier generation had alienated the new suburban crowd and they responded by creating their own scenes, sometimes loosely connected to the way things were before…replacing aggression with inclusion.

There was no Youth Crew left in New York City, people moved out, dropped out, sold out, and moved on. Straight edge went from an east coast urban central location to a suburban decentralized network of scenes.

The suburbs surrounding Philly in all directions had always been fertile with straight edge bands. By 1993 a lot of the kids from these bands and the related scenes started moving to Center City Philadelphia. In 1994 things were coming together and by 95/96 there was a legitimate straight edge hardcore scene. No one really moved to Philly then. You were a local or you didn’t live here. I was a transplant from the suburbs but it’s always felt like home to me.

There was only three types of people who would move to Philly, (mostly college students)… If you were in the straight edge (or x-straight edge haha) hardcore scene, or you were a skateboarder, or you were into graffiti…

The hardcore scene was big and tougher. A lot of us grew up experiencing the insanity of the late 80’s and early 90’s and we acted like nothing had changed in 95. Many of us were still chasing the dragon we caught as adolescents. There was a couple shows a week of different related genres. Love Park was a skateboarding Mecca. Espo and Des still lived in Philly and were making On the Go magazines and videos here.

These three things drew a new group of people in.

If you read the City Paper (The Welcome Mat) or Philadelphia Weekly you’d have no idea this stuff was going on. The people that wrote about music and culture in Philadelphia at that time were absolutely clueless (but you can bet they thought they were cool). So much was happening, the scenes were so active, so many people that were here and part of it would move onto greatness, and the local media was lost.

It was right under your nose shitheads.

Graffiti, skateboarding and hardcore music were distasteful to them.

These three groups of people funneled into the exciting world of Being a Bike Messenger.

Being a bike messenger was more distasteful than all three of those things combined.

and the rest…is Landlords Cycling.

Selecter: Question Mark

Jun 22 2016

I’ve been focused primarily on hardcore music lately. It’s setting the stage for Landlords genesis. We’re talking about 50 years of Teen Rebellion and Youth Culture Tribes-All leading up to the perfection of Landlords Cycling.

Oh fuck it, just check this out, I can’t stay mellow for long…:

Mods, mods, stupid sods
badges of The Who
Mods, mods, moped lads
motors scooters too

Punks, punks they ain’t dead,
see ’em down the 100 Club
Punks, punks, spikey hair,
always getting chucked out of pubs

Rockers, rockers, greasy hair,
you don’t know where they’ve been
Rockers, rockers,
heavy metal, dirty denim jeans

Skinheads, skinheads on the streets,
always sniffin’ glue
Skinheads, skinheads,
red white and blue


Boredom! on the street – all we got is boredom
Violence! on the street – all we got is violence
Coppers! on the street – all we got is coppers
Fuck all! on the street – all we got is fuck all

All we got… gang warfare

CX Technique QnA : Cadence Youth Cycling Benefit

Jun 22 2016


Q and A Session with 4 time U.S. Cyclocross Champion Jeremy Powers.

“As the current U.S. Cyclocross champion and top-ranked American rider in the world, Jeremy Powers strives to be an ambassador for the sport. “It’s an honor to ride in the Stars and Stripes jersey,” explains Jeremy. “It helps create more exposure for my sponsors, and as national champion I can expose a larger group of people to the excitement and atmosphere of cyclocross racing.” Jeremy’s ambitions have grown and after several years at the top of the U.S. cyclocross rankings, Jeremy will be looking to take on the best races in the world with his own team, Aspire Racing. This coming season he will focus exclusively on cyclocross and will race a full European schedule, focusing on UCI World Cup events, and will attend select events on the ProCX calendar in the U.S.”

Presented by Cadence Youth Cycling, a program of The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. ”

-Ryan F picture

$10 Friday July 8

Firth and Wilson Transport Cycles
Phone: (215) 425-4672
1105 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, PA

Who is the Cadence Youth rider with the Alu Torelli in Bikyle colors? Style in G-Town.

Foxcatcher Cross

Jun 22 2016

“You might already be aware, but every year there are separate MTB and CX events at one of the DuPont estates in Delaware. Pretty unreal venue, the CX version was a full UCI (C2, I think) weekend not so long ago. ”

Ryan F

yes i

Jun 21 2016

-d lord

Paris Update

Jun 21 2016




-Anodized Alex

Permanent Collection Donations

Jun 21 2016




Zine by Brendan E



Tour DuPont Jersey From Al M

(Hey what ever happened to the Tour DuPont? Oh yeah…)

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