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Jun 20 2018

I’ve been thinking on 10 years ago. Which makes me think about 15 years ago which makes me think about 20 years ago and that makes me think of 30 years ago. 10 years ago I was in Barcelona. I was subletting my place on Broome St in Chinatown and was looking for a house in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. It’s hard to say what mattered more to me at that point-tagging or riding bikes. I’d been a messenger of one sort or the other from 1996. I’d been writing from a year before that-so the two things were linked for me. that’s what Landlords was… it was gkae’s crew and creation. Before bikes and graff it was hardcore music and skateboarding. A similar tale of risk and reward. Expression and aggression. In the 2000’s I was living the perfect punk existence. Graffiti, bikes, cash, partying, fighting and no square shit. I had a squad of friends that all shared at least one part of that world. We had no need for society and society rejected much of what we offered. Everything was a massive fuck you to people outside these cliques. Graffiti, then, gave you adventure and danger and consequence. It let you get as close to the sun as you wanted to go. Some burned, some died, some people found that perfect place between destruction and creation and were able to stay right there. Being a messenger was on the same plane. Only recognized by those who were down. Looked down upon by outsiders. The constant threat of death. The feeling of being a “moving target” . Wanting to do more or be better or faster with more style. that’s the goal. That’s the dragon to chase.

I got this book from LEAD and it’s like looking at the dragon. There’s no vain bullshit in this book, it’s graffiti at its essence. The pure, raw graffiti that spoke to me. The ultimate expression of something that you can only really understand if you were part of it. This book is fresh not just because Lead is fresh but because of his long history and connections to both coasts. Writers from some of the most powerful crews are represented. A tribute to those that are gone from this earth and an expose of modern American graffiti culture. Buy it if you can, before the window closes 🎯

This Week.

Jun 15 2018

In the Wissahickon :

Dry-But the flooding rains caused erosion around a lot of roots and bigger rocks making things a little more bumpy than normal. Loose rocks on the grades. Some new ditches formed on steep uphills. Dirt was loose on lots of sections! so some cool skidding action! I got knocked around on rigid single speed.

Watched some chump knock rocks all over the place trying to go down by gorgas holding his brakes. I was like

“damn homie, you fucked up a lot of shit in 5 seconds.”

Came home feeling pretty beat up after fighting everything. Seems like the trails need a few days of riding to even out the storm damage.

now what was actually happening in Philly MTB happened at Belmont last night, not the Wissahickon.

(I know I know two whole sets of trails 15 minutes apart from each other in the same City, plus a low key mini section thats rarely used except buy NWP locals. No wonder MTB is so popular here.)

So anyway back to Belmont, I had a prior engagement and couldn’t roll, but a ton of people did, check it out courtesy of Wojo:

Wondering what mtn biking is like in Philadelphia..full house tonight. #bikephldirt

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last week

Jun 12 2018

this week i heard the trails are all mud again. 🙁

Flood report:

End Note!

Jun 12 2018

Full team lined up.

#1 Men’s B. We had number 2 as well but….

….2nd for men’s C and 3rd for Men’s A.

Last time up Rittenhouse for the 2018 Team. All these dudes legit podium finishers.

Excellent Season. Brian Got 3rd for Coaches race, I got 7th.

BCYC Squad Last Practice.

Jun 07 2018

Riders lined up.

After our Valley Green Adventure

Final shout outs.


Jun 06 2018


Jun 06 2018

Close Call

Jun 06 2018

“Tell Willet that this simple helmet saved my life. I only realized now how deep that dent is. Man, that was close”

“Riding woods alone is not always good. Had to call and get atv out.”


Jun 06 2018

-mat t

4 in a row.

Jun 06 2018

There’s a turn and then you’re into the downhill, 4 jumps, another turn, 2 more jumps. This didn’t wreck me but the next one did…

It’s been a little more than a week. I’m fine now. My knee looks gnarly but everything else is good. Most of the surface road rash has fallen off. Still stiff. Sitting out the rainy weekend help, but now I feel like I’m starting from 0 again.

I cleaned both bikes after my MTB ride on Monday. The road bike was covered in grime. Noticed some spots of rust forming around the chrome. A couple of nicks in the clear coat I hadn’t seen before. It’s been 6 years. I keep saying it’s time to get a new one. Maybe it’s time to hang this one on the wall. It’s served me well. Thousands of miles, thousands of feet of climbing, taken me faster than I thought I could go. It’s time for change. I feel like racing. I don’t feel like wrecking a steel bike. A carbon bike? After all of this. Maybe aluminum. I don’t know. Something I could wreck and not feel awful about it.

The mtb was filthy, as it should be. Bottom Bracket, down tube and rear triangle hidden under a coating of mud and debris. There’s so many puddles so much mud in the trails right now. Rocky climbs are all slick with wet leaves and debris. We’re having our rainy spring weather at the beginning of summer. After it dried it off a tattoo of Wissahickon schist residue resurfaced. That’s a reminder of where that bike is ridden. Many of our houses are built from the same stone. It’s woven into our daily lives. The trails, the houses, the bikes, your gear, your skin, the minerals that pool at the bottom of the shower after a ride.

Yesterday I did a 30 mile tempo road ride to try and get my muscles together. Wind was blowing into me all the way out. Rode it out in the drops, spinning at low cadence and mid heartbeat. I felt slow. Stopped at 15 miles and pushed it back home. Felt a little better that way but my legs just didn’t agree with me. I hate knowing I was faster before. I need to ride more. Need to push myself back to where I was.

I haven’t really been the same since the pneumonia. How long ago was that? Two years now? I felt so weak then. Maybe I never really came back from it. Maybe I’m not the same rider I was before that. There’s a lot of self doubt that comes when you have no energy and you don’t get better. Your brain starts to play tricks on you.

I was so aggro before that. The trainer, the interval training, the hill repeats. Always trying to get faster. Some of it seems far away now. I miss that feeling. The hunger to be better than I was the day before. The narrow focus of it all. I wonder if I can ever get it back.

I need to get out of my head.

Today is the last practice for BCYC pickett team. The kids have all gotten stronger and faster. The crit race is Saturday. I’m expecting them to do well. It’s my first season of coaching. It was rewarding just to watch them get it. Hopefully I’ll keep this up through the summer. They inspire my riding. The kids are fresh to it. They are positive. They have the attitude. None of the bitterness or weariness that so many older riders get. No mental blockage-just the constant desire to get faster, to get better, to lead and to win.

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