Oct 13 2017


Oct 13 2017

This is where we MTB squad.

LL Exhibition November 4 and 5th at the Philly Bike Expo.

confirmed riders from NYC, DC, BOSTON, PORTLAND and PHILLY.

Friday Recognizer

Oct 13 2017

I’m no metal head but this record put a young me down with some real shit.

Shipping News: The wait is over.

Oct 13 2017

Shipping Begins Monday for:

DC Club Shirts
PMA trainer towels
Worldwide Massive shirts.

Daily Reminder

Oct 13 2017

Nous ne sommes pas une entreprise.

Nous sommes un club de vélo.

Wir sind keine Firma.

Wir sind ein Fahrradklub.

No som una empresa.

Som un club de bicicleta.

Não somos uma empresa.

Somos um clube de bicicleta.

Ok it wasn’t howling.

Oct 13 2017

We are not a company!

Oct 12 2017

We’re a bike club!

You have to be a member to be down.


No somos una empresa

Somos un club de bicicletas.

Non siamo una società.

Siamo un club di bici.



Approaching Last Chance on 2nd gen Gloves

Oct 12 2017

Get now or never for this version.

1 small left.
couple M
couple L


(dead bugs not included)

Un Pistard

Oct 12 2017

Morning Thanks

Oct 12 2017

Thank you again. This is coming together. We’re at about 25% of goal. Give what you can for the GS Landlords Bike Expo Weekend.

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