S.I.S.A.T.B.S. part 99

Oct 22 2016


(this is kind of a philly specific post. kensington is an interesting neighborhood in philadelphia.)

(here’s a video about it)

(I mean it’s not all like that. People hold it down. Here’s a video of some dude driving around there in the day.)


-d lord


It’s quality programming like this that keeps you coming back to landlords. Won’t you donate today.-Phil

The phone lines were lighting up.

Oct 22 2016





It’s a real show of support.

Our first mini goal has been met.

2 sets of jerseys and bibs.

If we can get the gloves, arm and leg warmers it will be two complete sets.

(We’re pulling the bib pants and waiting for a different time.)

But for that to happen we need you to make move your finger to the link below and donate.

Can you donate a few dollars now to reach that next mini goal?

Now I’ll turn it back over to D Lord for a new episode of S.I.S.A.T.B.S.

Friday Night Selecter

Oct 21 2016

Totally Part of the Plan

Oct 21 2016

I’m totally on reddit

Oct 21 2016


Oct 21 2016


Personalized Vintage Santini

Oct 21 2016


Actual End Date

Oct 21 2016


All fundraising ends Nov 3

(sorry about the typo. must have been russian hackers. sike. I’m not a corrupt politician trying to save his legacy.)

***Private Landlords Week comes up shortly after. Donors and Kit Owners only witness unrestrained LL. Massive behind the scenes airing out.


uber, haha.

Oct 21 2016


Your tip is a good review.

Here’s my review for Uber:
fuck off.

They figured out how to fuck everyone who works for them.

Another nail in the messenger coffin.

Lifestyles of the pre 10’s.

Oct 21 2016


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