Sep 23 2021


The man on the gurney wakes up as the narcan flushes through his body. He springs up and grabs the nearest EMT. The second EMT attempts to pull him off as the gurney tips. His shirt is on one shoulder. The other shoulder is bare.

They all fall to the ground. The man from the gurney stands up and begins blindly kicking and punching. One of the EMT’s raises his fists and starts throwing punches. The second EMT grabs the man from behind. The first EMT lands a solid punch to the man’s face. He staggers and rips free. He pushes away and runs for the sidewalk as another EMT appears.


The Denali is at the light on Front and Girard. A man with long hair is clutching a hi-vis t-shirt in one hand and punching the driver’s window with his other hand. 3 60 year old men in baggy pants, tank tops and sideways hats rush the SUV.

The man with the Hi-vis shirt runs to the passenger side and attempts to open the door. The driver accelerates off the corner, the man with the hi-vis shirt is standing on a runner bar holding the mirror.

The Denali makes it two blocks and pulls over into the oncoming lane. The men with the crooked baseball hats run down the street towards the truck screaming. They’re charging the truck. This is battle.

The driver is fighting the man with the hi-vis shirt.

The intersection comes to life with addicts. They emerge from corners and shadows cheering and laughing. They’re walking into the intersection. The middle of the block has a festive atmosphere. People are drinking from big cans of malt liquor and laughing.