Record Review: Bitter Branches EP

Jan 05 2021

I put together a new setup while listening to this.
Early 10’s SHUT NYC shape. Similar to very early 90’s boards but not like anything you could have bought then.
Indy 149’s. This is a heavy board.
spitfire 60 mm classics. 1/4″ riser pads. Trucks are loose enough to carve and get wheelbite.
I got these wheels when Shut was a store and Mat T worked there.
Fits into the pack , but still stands out.

That’s what the record sounds like. It’s familiar, but new. Angry vocals over heavy droning 90’s inspired post hardcore with a 2020 angle that keeps it contemporary without drifting into nostalgia. I’ve listened to this while putting together the setup and while riding MTB in the summer a lot. Its grown on me more over the last couple days than it did all summer. Worth getting. Don’t know if you can. Local to Northwest Philly I believe.