Dangle Supply: Ti Cobb Titanium Pipe

Jan 02 2021

BurnOne Hinault is a longtime cyclist, smoker, messenger, smuggler, grower, writer and mechanic. He’s been down with the crew since 1999 but prefers to hang out in the background. He’s going to handle all of our weed/cbd related stuff from here out. -DS Tim

This little pipe is fresh, but you better clean it after every ride. You get 3 or 4 days max of primary use and then that thing will be clogged past efficient pull. You really should clean daily anyway. We living in a time of covid,

There’s a lot of plusses here.

It looks like a bike part. If you leave this on your workbench your boss is not going to know its a pipe without examination.

It fits in your palm. If you’re trying to get lit in the trails and some square dog walker sneaks up on you it’s easy to palm. “What’s up sir or maam? You know we have leash laws don’t you?” Fuck them up.

It’s ti. You’re not breaking it if you fall. Daily cleaning is probably the biggest hassle but look at it the same way you’d take care of your chain. Wait, don’t. I’ve seen how a lot of you keep your chains. Don’t let this pipe get like your dirty chain you dirtbags. Keep it classy and it will hit like a champ!

The bowl is bigger than you think, but make sure you don’t pack it down to tight or you will not get a hit. Its not the easiest task to pull the load away from the hole and there’s still a risk something got jammed in there.
If you’re using this on the ride you want it set up for max efficiency. Here’s a look how I’m packing a one and done bowl suitable for halfway through the ride. The bottom bottom layer is a sour diesel relative. Heavier indica strains distract from my riding while sativa dominant hybrids seem to do best for me. I forgot to take the picture of the first layer. Sorry. On top of that is some not so clean keef from a trimming tray.
Broke up some hash and put it on top. Tapped down lightly. I mean real light. But enough it stays in.
Added a little more. Remember I said one and done. I cooked it a little with a lighter so it gets gooey and tamped down one more time until its flush with the bowl. This is not spilling out and hits for real pushing you to further heights in your riding. I forgot to take that picture because I just ended up smoking the bowl. It was amazing.

That’s my first review. Don’t be a rat. Don’t be a kook. Don’t roll with squares and be cool to everyone cool.