Blue Mountain Bike Park

Sep 29 2020

Valley campsites
Quiet and semi secluded . These sites are pricey but sleep 2-4 depending on how tight you want it. If you do bring a tent it’s way more affordable but you’re in a field with lots of other people. In non covid times this would be cool to bring a big squad and hold down a corner but with a family and a plague out there we went for two socially distanced nights out.
It always rains when I camp. Cool mist around the valley.
Fires got progressively harder to start as the rain and moisture set in.
Plenty of time to think and get focused on the lift.
Goggles never fogged up! Used the tear-offs too.
I didn’t take any pictures in the trails because I was to into riding! The first time down I was pretty nervy on the green trail. It rained the day before and all night. Conditions were sloppy, wet and muddy.

Green trails feature a lot of wide bermed out switchbacks, loose gravel, some quick descents but nothing very technical outside of line choosing. You could ride a gravel bike or rigid without a problem. I spent a little more time on that to get the feel for the bike and then moved onto the blue trails. Blues were similar to my local trails (rocky and flowing singletrack) but more, longer, bigger, faster and no uphill. Didn’t get into any of the jump trails-it was hectic enough for me to navigate the mud and rain without going off wet wood. Next time!

By the end of the day it dried out a little and my confidence was way up. Got used to the permanently slammed seatpost, sat down a little more, got into some yoga inspired stances for the real downhills and left the park feeling satisfied but wanting a dry day. Woke up today fiending for it.
just a little travel. Seemed like pretty much everyone rode flats. I brought spd’s because I’m a northwest Philly dude and we clip in. I let my non DS foot float for a lot of the more hectic sections.
Everyone else checked out Sunday Morning so we had a private campground for the second night. A little bit eerie to have no one around but so cool to wake up with no one there.
Lights Out!