Urban Gardening

May 19 2020


“The garden stuff is my aquaponic system. There are 100 baby trout growing in the tanks. This whole event has made me think of how precarious out food  system is. I think the responsible thing to do is grow your food if you can. Our setup is pretty small . I would like to double the capacity over the course of this summer. ” OA


Week 2-Phase 1

japanese eggplant, 7 kale -2 varieties, 2 chard, 4 lettuce, cucumber, 2 tomato varieties, 4 lettuce, herbs. Strawberries behind the rows.

Good growth here.  Generally cooler temps with a couple hot days.  No rain for a week.  Hit plants with a foliar fertilizer one week after transfer.  Home mix of commercial organic mix with coco coir and perlite. Will supplement with organic food when flowering starts.


Starting broccoli, squash and carrot seeds for next phase.



this is a project for the near future connecting the backyard to the basement.