Day 23ish

Apr 05 2020

The initial lockdown excitement is over.

The podcasts are all boring again. Busted through the media backlog. Killed the Netflix Movistar series. Watched the race highlights from last year. Set up a VHS player. Went through the photobox. Started home renovations. Family and pets have gotten used to 24 hour company.

It seems like government/media slowly rolling out how long we’ll be living like this. 2 weeks. April. May. What happens in May that makes this better? Why is the US post office talking about shutting down in June if we’ll be good by May? What stops the pandemic from restarting everytime lockdown is lifted?

Get ready for longer.It’s grim. We are not prepared. It’s happening in NYC now. Hospitals are past capacity. 500 deaths a night. It’s just going to keep spreading and resurfacing across the US. An uninsured US citizen could be looking at $75,000 in debt for catching Covid. No one is paying that shit.

Wondering what the retail landscape looks like after this. So many stores, bike and other, were just hanging on. How do you get through these months? If you’re an owner or an employee feeling the pinch I understand. I’m out of mechanic work now. Not sure when I’ll be back. I see a rough future.

It’s not a surprise. We’ve been building up to this moment. How do we come back?

If you’re out of work you probably got your last paycheck already. We have a long time to go. If you don’t have backup and you’re eligible you’ve applied for unemployment and Food Assistance. The other option is racking and it’s happening. No moral judgements there cuz, you got to eat.

If you get a direct deposit tax return you get your Trump Bux maybe in 3 weeks. If you get a check rebate you have to wait 5 months. By that point things are beyond stretched anyway. If you work under the table or cash pay situation you don’t get anything. Jobs that are available are high risk, low pay. Lots of low income neighborhoods are still not taking precaution. Covid is hitting those neighborhoods hardest. It will be the same in rural and urban areas.

Tell me how all this plays out.

DS Tim

(As long as there’s electricity and internet service landlords keeps running)