Day ?

Mar 25 2020

I was thinking it was Thursday for most of yesterday and then I had a dream I woke up and it was Friday…But enough about that.

It’s Wednesday March 25, 2020. I’ve been home, generally since the night of the 11th. This is a continuation. I was home so much this winter. No work at the bike shop . It rained, a lot. I never really got back on a bike after I crashed in September. Didn’t have the drive to get on the trainer. I ruined my “gravel bike”, the frame was mangled. My mountain bike purchase got delayed until the spring (I thought).

Going outside now feels like a luxury that could be taken away. There’s clumps of people everywhere. Groups of teens. Old people. They might close the parks if it gets bad. The mood is different now. More grim. Less traffic. You have to make a decision about riding by weighing the risks.

1) Can I get home if I wreck?
2) Will I go to a hospital if I wreck?
3) Can I fix my bike if I break it?
4) Do I have any tubes-patches left?
4) Can I stay 6′ from others?
5) Will I inadvertently encounter a virus carrier while outside?
6) Is it worth it?

I’m good up and down. I’m riding with caution, like an old man. I can tell you I will do whatever I can to stay out of a hospital. I’ll save a bed for someone else. The hospital seems like one of the most dangerous places out there anyway. Maybe you check in for a broken wrist and you don’t check out.

I’ve ridden alone for so much of my time in Philly. I never settled into a group ride mentality. I liked the meditation of being alone. I’m used to it from working for the serv. Hours at a time alone, sitting in deli dining rooms, barnes and nobles, starbucks, other coffee shops. Always pedaling alone. Riding with a friend for a couple of blocks or just seeing a friend was enough to give me a boost for hours.

Not so different now. I’ve trained for this. Need to get a couple of new bikes and get back to it.

You should use the time you have. Find a way.

Maybe when this is all over I’ll get into group rides.

DS Tim