May 19

Mar 19 2020

The bike path is a germ sewer filled with people who don’t give a shit about social distancing.  Joggers going down the middle of the path, headphones on, looking at their phones, sweat dripping.  3 generation families strolling inches away from the joggers.  Cyclists attempting to pass these groups without looking ahead or behind.   Clusters of morons. Boomers chatting inches away from each other full of smug privilege.  I heard a story about a regular rider getting hit by the snot rocket of a scumbag bike plebe.

Avoid the path like the plague that it is.  The streets are calm.  Traffic is sparse but can still be aggressive.  Find your own way and be careful.   If the joggers don’t get you the irate drivers could.


Above the crowds

wishing I didn’t wreck my off road bike.

seriously, clean up your dogshit.  Bad enough dealing with the corona virus without stepping in your dog shit.