Day 1.

Mar 15 2020

Saturday March 14


Philadelphia Check.

Schools are closed and everything else is open. In the suburbs everything is getting locked down. The city is resisting change. Tourists are still here. Lots of people in the bars and restaurants. There’s a snow day atmosphere.

Online you can see the cracks. Some people self quarantining. Anger developing towards a variety of points. People mad at people going out. People mad at being told not to go out. Disbelief. Skepticism. Suburban transplants showing their racism and classism. Lifers getting ready.

I went to the doctor on Friday for my 6 month check up after smashing my head up in the fall. That seems like a long time ago now. The only calls coming in were from people calling about CV. The person in the next room was sure she had it. The receptionists were calm. The people on the other ends of the calls were not. Worried seniors.

My doctor got a text telling him they could start doing tests but the turn around was going to be 4 days. He said by that time it was almost useless. Trump was on tv a couple hours later lying and saying there’d be 24 hour turn around.

Back to Monday 3-9

It was 70 degrees and sunny. Saw Dan at the Lincoln drive lot getting ready to head in to the trails. I was riding the Rossin headed for gravel on Forbidden Drive. This was the last normal day. To nice outside for this time of year.

The bridge that connects the path is still closed. It will be like that for a long time. The easy access from downtown is closed but you can climb up from the path and get to the drive from there.

I have the time to get my basement cleaned up. I’ll give you some progress reports.

Wednesday 3-11

Last coach training for BCYC for a season that might not exist. As of now we are scheduled to restart April 13th and all of our races are postponed. I already had my doubts riding down that day. Probably the last group activity for a while.

Got home and my daughter told me her school was closed for two days. That changed to two weeks the next day. Public schools got the word on Friday.