Sep 18 2019

“I went to France very prepared to finish PBP for a second time and had a time in mind. Things did not go as planned. I felt like garbage for most of the first 40 hours. My body just had “just enough” to give and I needed more sleep than usual. Things started to turn around for me and then around 500k a rider crashed in front of me and I ran her body over, sending me flying over the bars. I felt the symptoms of bruised or broken ribs. After spinning my way through the tougher part of the course, I made it to Brest, the 600k turnaround on adrenalin and necessity. I abandoned my ride there and took a train back to Paris.

Even though I did not finish, I still loved every minute of this ride and will be back in four years to give it another go. It was very special to be part of this historic event and share the love of cycling with the people of France who truly enjoy the sport. Top ranking support from the volunteers and general public along the route.

My buddy Nate, wearing the medal, is a working courier in SF and finished in 69 hours! ”