Rando Shawn qualified for PBP

May 23 2019

“This past weekend I finished the hardest route I have ever ridden, which happened to be the 600k qualifying brevet securing my place to start the Paris-Brest-Paris 1200k ride on August 18.
Unfortunately the 101 degree temps on day two put my body into the dehydration/overheat zone taking away what would have been a PR for that distance.
Philly held it down with 7 people qualifying from here and headed to France. I am excited that members of our local scene get to ride in the oldest open road event in the world. While technically not a race anymore, people always go after course records. Should be exciting to see what goes down.
I am off to do another 600k out in Seattle in a week, hopefully I’ll report back with more photos than I did for this ride.”