BCYC Race Day 1

Apr 15 2019

The first program wide race was set up in a team alley cat format.

Start of the day-rolled out of Germantown at 9:30 AM. Conditions were wet and foggy. Rain ended a few minutes before we rolled out.

We had 2 crashes on slick downhills in the first mile of riding. Everyone involved was ok, got back on and rode.

A flat within the first 2 miles.

Our 4th stop, 2nd on the SRT. These stops were worth double points. Started to feel like we were making progress.

Manayunk Bridge.

We decided to skip all the West Philly stops and stay on the east side of the river. Keeping the whole group together on hills was hard so we stuck to mostly flat with one climb up Fountain Green.

Group was getting tired at this point. We knocked out all of the East Park stops. We had 30 minutes to go so we called this our last stop. Linked onto Team SLA Beeber and pulled into Sedgley with a big squad.

We were satisfied with our work, but didn’t know how we scored. Later we found out we got 1st.

Team decided to take one final climb up Midvale on the way home. Legs were tired, but spirits were high after taking our first victory.