Ancient Pathway.

Mar 06 2019

Here’s some flicks of the east Lincoln Drive path around Saylor Grove. 2013-2016

2013. Winter.  Cant even say what section this is. 

This happened a lot. Spring 2016

Looking over the edge of the quarry.  Hard to see the bottom-it’s visible in the upper right hand corner. Spring 2016Good times. Spring 2016.

This is how my early days went down. The saddle bag is an Eastpak that Mat T gave me. He found it in a old ski shop in Vermont. Great bag, mid 80’s vintage, made in the USA. Bike is a rigid Viner 26 imported from Ciclomania Barale in Italy to Germantown USA. Danlord brought me out here the first time and promptly dropped me. When we rode under the bridge this homeless camper dude ran out and started screaming at us. That’s how it was back then. Desolate! There was no one out there. You could live under a bridge and just chill.