Weekend Takeaway

Feb 19 2019

Alone in the Crowd was great, a rare reunion that didn’t disappoint. There was a chilly Landlords ride to this show down from Germantown to catch a band that released a 7″ and played one show in 1989 before vanishing for 30 years. It was really cool to see so many old friends and familiar faces and experience some emotion that I thought was long gone.

For AIAC the scene followed orthodox straight edge hardcore crowd distribution. I made these diagrams to illustrate:

traditional east coast crowd distribution for medium sized hardcore show.

note: high saturation in front of stage allowing for stage diving, sing alongs, dog piles, walking on the crowd, climbing up from the back etc. Wall of death opens up needed space. Line between performer and audience blurred. Pits open, close and expand as needed. Pure equality and unity in an organic setting.

contemporary east coast crowd distribution for medium sized hardcore show.

Note: Strong division between band and crowd, lack of stage diving, lack of participation except by moshers. Rockstar bullshit for the bands. No one catches stage divers. Weak isolated sing along moments. It’s like the crowd lost the point and defers to 8 people moshing.