Jan 28 2019

Chillier than expected path ride mid-point with Nolan getting some on the spot air.

Weather was predicted as high 40’s, partly sunny, but was really low 40’s and grey as hell and it started snowing when we were half way in.

I got a flat at the end of the ride and pulled into an old parking lot that overlooks the river to handle it. While I was there a couple, man and a woman in their 50’s, mustache on one, bleached hair on the other, rode their comfort bikes into the lot and parked 20 feet away from me. They started blasting “Heat of the Moment” on some portable speakers and cracked open two tall boys.

I was kind of cold, bummed and bonked but their soundtrack got me hype enough to get home.

Anyway… for your listening pleasure here is Asia, a prog rock favorite of many of the dispatchers and company owners I had the pleasure of working for in the 90’s. If you weren’t into punk in 82 you were probably pumping this.