Nov 27 2018

Real interview with Michael Creed dealing with depression after he faded out of the pro peloton.

I feel like depression is an almost impossible thing to discuss in any kind of bike related media. Cycling heroes are expected to be daredevil playboys and that’s it. The suffering is demanded but depression is not discussed. After you really check out you’ll get a nice write up but while you’re in it everyone is just watching you spin out.

Cool stuff. Pretty heavy. Check it out when you can.

“In the latest episode of the Cyclingnews podcast, we continue our Tour of Colorado and visit Mike Creed in Manitou Springs. The former rider, who turned team manager with Aevolo, looks back at his career in the sport and opens up about his battles with depression and suicide, in this emotional, insightful and powerful interview.

For those who are unware, Creed turned pro with the US Postal team and was labeled as a future champion after a bright start to his junior and U23 career. However, injuries plagued him over the next few years, and he would eventually hang up his wheels in 2013.

Underneath the surface, Creed was also battling mental health issues, and the road that eventually saw him seek help was both challenging and long. In our interview, Creed talks about his struggles, how he reached out for help, and his future.”