Help Kevin

Nov 15 2018

As we approach the holidays please give what you can to help a veteran messenger. Kevin’s been working on the street since before some of you were born. There is no safety net for many messengers. We need to come together to help and support one another. No one else is going to do it. Please, give what you can.

“in the month of august of this year i was in an accident. i hurt myself pretty good and it was hard for me to work. i deliver food on a bike. my bike got damaged so i brought myself a scooter. not knowing much about them, i didn’t realize i brought a lemon. i used my bill money, rent money and money that i had saved to buy this. i just knew that i would make it back. i ended up putting lots of money into the scooter. making a long story short, i hit a pot hole and broke the exhaust on it. i had another bike that i fixed and rode that for three days before a sign fell over on my bike just missing me, but bending my bike frame and wheel. now i am in a big hole because i can’t work. i gambled on a scooter and thought i would make what i needed to get things right. they are all messed up and now i have to ask for help. something i have a hard time bringing myself to do. its either drop my pride and ask for help of drown in this hole that i am in. i pray that i get the help, i can make things right if i do. i am praying but i am nervous and scard of the future right now. thank you…”