Mat T Update: MTB

Aug 15 2018

that’s a real ass MTB Mat’s rolling on. roadtrip to the wiss is next up!

Note for those MTB-resistant types.

MTB in the trails with ascents and descents and rocks and dirt and berms and rollers and other stuff is really the best.

Aks yourself:

Why do so many former pro’s go MTB dominant in their retirement? Why did Sagan ride MTB at Rio? —It’s fun dude. Take a break from cars and buses. Get some thrills and a crazy workout. You get more power in bike handling. It takes guts for real!

I know, I know, 50mph descent on a 12% grade on a roadbike feels like flying.

Ride the line on a rocky path with bermed out walls on a -12% descent and you’re in for a different experience.

I know some people got this idea of MTB as either:

Old grandpa dudes riding on a flat gravel road, some grassy paths and around a mud puddle.


Aggro extreme sports type dudes that do 20 ft high 100 ft long airs and ride down 40 ft vertical rock faces.

But yo! There are a bunch of levels between that!

Find a level you dig and progress with it.