(Working Title)

Jun 20 2018

I’ve been thinking on 10 years ago. Which makes me think about 15 years ago which makes me think about 20 years ago and that makes me think of 30 years ago. 10 years ago I was in Barcelona. I was subletting my place on Broome St in Chinatown and was looking for a house in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. It’s hard to say what mattered more to me at that point-tagging or riding bikes. I’d been a messenger of one sort or the other from 1996. I’d been writing from a year before that-so the two things were linked for me. that’s what Landlords was… it was gkae’s crew and creation. Before bikes and graff it was hardcore music and skateboarding. A similar tale of risk and reward. Expression and aggression. In the 2000’s I was living the perfect punk existence. Graffiti, bikes, cash, partying, fighting and no square shit. I had a squad of friends that all shared at least one part of that world. We had no need for society and society rejected much of what we offered. Everything was a massive fuck you to people outside these cliques. Graffiti, then, gave you adventure and danger and consequence. It let you get as close to the sun as you wanted to go. Some burned, some died, some people found that perfect place between destruction and creation and were able to stay right there. Being a messenger was on the same plane. Only recognized by those who were down. Looked down upon by outsiders. The constant threat of death. The feeling of being a “moving target” . Wanting to do more or be better or faster with more style. that’s the goal. That’s the dragon to chase.

I got this book from LEAD and it’s like looking at the dragon. There’s no vain bullshit in this book, it’s graffiti at its essence. The pure, raw graffiti that spoke to me. The ultimate expression of something that you can only really understand if you were part of it. This book is fresh not just because Lead is fresh but because of his long history and connections to both coasts. Writers from some of the most powerful crews are represented. A tribute to those that are gone from this earth and an expose of modern American graffiti culture. Buy it if you can, before the window closes 🎯