This Week.

Jun 15 2018

In the Wissahickon :

Dry-But the flooding rains caused erosion around a lot of roots and bigger rocks making things a little more bumpy than normal. Loose rocks on the grades. Some new ditches formed on steep uphills. Dirt was loose on lots of sections! so some cool skidding action! I got knocked around on rigid single speed.

Watched some chump knock rocks all over the place trying to go down by gorgas holding his brakes. I was like

“damn homie, you fucked up a lot of shit in 5 seconds.”

Came home feeling pretty beat up after fighting everything. Seems like the trails need a few days of riding to even out the storm damage.

now what was actually happening in Philly MTB happened at Belmont last night, not the Wissahickon.

(I know I know two whole sets of trails 15 minutes apart from each other in the same City, plus a low key mini section thats rarely used except buy NWP locals. No wonder MTB is so popular here.)

So anyway back to Belmont, I had a prior engagement and couldn’t roll, but a ton of people did, check it out courtesy of Wojo:

Wondering what mtn biking is like in Philadelphia..full house tonight. #bikephldirt

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A post shared by Wo Jo (@mongolianbikecult) on