Buy GS Guccilife DeRosa

May 27 2018


What i am offering here is a De Rosa track bike that was used by the Sammontana team in the early 80s.This is one of three Bikes that were found inside a gas station around 2005 and retrieved shortly thereafter. The owner of the gas station is the son of the what used to be the team manager back in those years,ex-pro racer himself, that managed Francesco Moser ,Saronni and other greats of that era( if you do the math you will find who he was,i wont mention names for privacy reasons)At first i thought that the 56 sized one was Moser’s bike but i was wrong.After my first attempt at selling one of the bikes i decided to further investigate( i thought was Moser’s as the son told me so but he was unsure about that as well)

Considerin also that the bikes had the hubs marked with a “GRADI” dynotype type of label wich stood for Raniero Gradi ( former Sammontana PRO) it was pretty much a dumb move on my side.After this episode i managed to get in touch with Mr. Gradi himself, he was very courteous and managed to get some extra infos from him as well.He couldnt quite confirm if that was his bike,he recalled some detalis but again,many years went by,so I inquired about Moreno Argentin and showed him what could be his bikes.One detail he told me about was that Moreno’s liked turbos,and touchin the saddle,he told “yep,Moreno’s liked this kinda of saddles”.After paying visit to Gradis,i tried to get in touch with various photographers and all that type of world,but many werent even considerin to reply my emails.

After too much thinkin i decided to get in touch with the De ROSA family up in Cusano Milanino to see if they could shed some light about these bikes.After arrangin a meeting in their location( which was about not to happen) I was supposed to meet Ugo’s son,Cristiano.I rolled into the offices tellin the girl who I was and that I was supposed to meet Cristiano.Cristiano was nowhere to be found and from inside the factory comes in UGO himself.Explaining him quickly the whole story and what i needed,he asked me where i found those.” A gas station” i replied.He went speechless for few secs and went “…a gas station…anyway,if you wanna sell ‘em i have a list of japanese buyers that whould give you gold for these”

“No,thanks,i want to know whats behind these bikes and who raced ‘em” I also added that who the previous owner was and Ugo was all cool about it.Ugo measured them confirming me that these were indeed Moreno’s ( i repeat,HE SAID THAT)and that he had two because he used to race a lot of 6 days.He then had the girl printing two letters where it says that the bikes are official de rosa bikes,but the girl missed to write what these actually were,so at this point,that piece of paper is a tad too generic.Anyway,i went home happy but not satisfied as i knew i had to talk to Moreno himself but it wasnt an easy task ( i wont go THERE,lets say that he’s not an easy one with fans, i ‘ve been told…)

I’ve tried to reach Moreno several times,either via Facebook or through connections,but nothing never really happened.He replied a coupla times but nothing more,i was hoping to meet him for questions etc but i recently gave upp,as i grew tired with this and the whole thing.Connections had him confirming that if the person that i got these from said that these were his bikes,he would have no reason to doubt it.Eventually i found out that one of his mechanics lived and worked in Florence.

Tracked the ex mechanic down,i had a chat with him and he told me that Morenos loved chrome and white saddles and that would be confirmed by how the bike is assembled.Now,after having a chat with framebuilding notables such as Dario Pegoretti and Doriano De Rosa( better saying that Dario talked to Doriano) i ve been told that the two bikes are ,most likely, ex Sanson or Famcucine De Rosa built Benotto labelled bikes made in late 70s ( see the stem with recessed bolt) That would also explain the absence of panto stamp on seat lugs.Dario told me that the 16 seatstays are Ugo’s signature and size seems to be correct for Moreno.( for the ones that dont know,De Rosa used to make bike for Benotto pros)

Cristiano De Rosa told me that Moreno used “Benottos” in his early career with a local Gruppo Sportivo ( cant track down that email) so i think that these bikes were moved into another team and then re-labelled and used as Team bikes,that would sound plausible to me as they are both identical,both with diamond chainstays while Gradi’s one has rounded ones.

Above is part of the data and anedoctes i ve collected over the years,if you have more infos,data or hypothesis to add,feel free to fire away.Dont contact me to hate or bash as im not tryin to sell this bike something that isnt,im trying to be as honest as i can as ,worst case scenario,this remain an official Sammontana Team bike used by an “unknown” racer ( if you can find out who the members were,it would be easy to single out the “candidates)

Price is set on the high but reasonable level as i am convinced that the pedigree is something you pay for and doesnt happen too often to own such bike,unless you fall into the category of the people that pay crazy prices for Colnago Masters with deltas just to show up at your local retro event.Too many of these sellers out there IMHO ,and no,im not hatin’ ,just statin a fact.RESERVE WILL BE KEPT UNDISCLOSED AND I WONT END AUCTION EARLY,DONT ASK.

Bike is equipped with campagnolo parts.Original pedals are included,pix comin shortly,one of the straps is broken though,it sorta dried out over the years.Check the pic of the day i ve found those hangin in that garage to get an idea.

Shipping price is 130 euros.

I will keep updating the auction with pix and infos,so keep checkin!