May 31 2018

The last couple days have been uncomfortable but I’m rolling. Rode around a little for BCYC practice yesterday. First few pedal strokes were not pleasant, but after I warmed up a little it was ok. Felt generally tired and sore. Did not have any competitive spirit. Arm road rash is already healing up. Elbow damage is healing well. My knee and knee cap is still a mess. Lost most of the skin on the knee cap and got a nasty slice right in the middle of it. No stitches-they would just have ripped out from the movement of the joint. I have to keep it wrapped up for a few more days until it heals back up but I can ride. No internal injuries from where the stem impacted my stomach. Just a funny shaped bruise, and I have a lot of those I couldn’t see under all the scrapes. I feel good today. Will get back on the road bike today. Looks like rain for the next few days so I’ll probably be staying out of the trails for a few days. Unless I go right now. Which sounds good.