Manayunk Path Revisit

Apr 04 2018

Fresh asphalt and luxury loft style condominiums off to the back. There’s at least 3 groups of condo buildings with entrances leading directly to the path. Prime feeder for renovation and gentrification of the path and surrounding area. A couple of these buildings are converted warehouse buildings that were used way back when the canal and freight train tracks were in use. The rest are new style grey box construction, or a combination of the two.

Remains of the sluce building.  Down to one wall on the platform. Hopefully the remaining structure won’t meet the same fate as the pump station.

improvised CX course, part of the lock wall in the background. watch your tires, broken glass. When water levels are high this is all submerged. Usually super muddy.

former pump station stairs.

inside the pump station site. not much remains. a pile of wood beams off to the side, just a few clues to let you know what stood here.

this will be 6 foot high weeds in a couple of months.

alternate entrance to path, with closed gate. would be a fun way in. Assuming the gate is to allow work trucks in and keep quad squad and 4 x 4 pick up trucks out.

new asphalt, concrete block, two bollards, with extra rocks on the side. Negotiate this entrance for fun.

up the slope a little from the entrance. This is where you have to start aiming for the space between the block and the bollard.

Backyard of station house.  You can see why this would be a good vacation home spot.  Also good to avoid yellow fever.  Outdoor seating soon I’m sure.

First step of path gentrification complete. Fresh asphalt. Concrete entrance ramp. No 2 inch ledge to hop onto.

Neglected fountain in the woods. Nice pile of beer cans and bottles out here. This has been a drinking and smoking spot for generations. Looks magical, like lord of the rings with the bright green moss in the early spring forest.