Week+ in Review.

Feb 11 2018

The last 9 days were pretty ill. Please excuse the car talk for the first couple of days. I know it’s a bike blog. 🙂


9:30 am I got smashed backing the family car out of a garage space on Germantown Ave. The car that hit me was driving fast enough to spin me all the way around on to the sidewalk. Rear end was mashed up. I was in a daze but not hurt. Had a meeting 15 minutes after the accident. I made it on time. Everything worked out. Drove the wrecked up whip all the way out to the body shop in the suburbs. Probably should of towed it but that would have sucked.


We had been talking about getting a second car for a while. I’ve always been resistant to this because I prefer riding to get around but after the wreck we really had no choice.

For the car minded people:

Copped a clean 2005 saab 9-2x aero with low mileage in Linden NJ. It’s subaru WRX in a Saab body. Real undercover turbo.

Drove up with my wife in a rental and back down to philly in a few hours.

Eagles won the super bowl. Fireworks and gunshots in the hood. Collective relief/celebration. End of a drought.

Enjoyed the city wide goodwill.

Took my daughter to the parade. We chilled in the crowd for a while and then moved over to some church stairs when things started getting to hectic. Drunk teenagers from the country are real unpredictable.


Drove to Harrisburg PA on some biz. I’ve never been there. Nice town. Cool victorians and rowhomes. Looks like people out there do tags in a Philly style. Meant to stop at the bike/ski store in Lancaster that sells the Italian work but my schedule wouldn’t fit it. Next time. Whenever that is. I always have liked the ski/bike store model. Lots of good gear.

Campagnolo Seminar at the Airport Hilton. More on this next.

Yo dudes are you watching the Olympics? Caught some snowboarding last night. The little guy that won the gold seemed chill. I don’t even know what the event was called-Kind of like a downhill street style course with huge ramps. Most people wrecked on landings.

Heavy rain but warm. Want to ride instead I’m doing this. Now is the time I have to get riding things started up again. March always sneaks up on me. Don’t want to be struggling to start the season. I’ve been maintaining a slight trainer schedule but I really got to get going now.