Jan 08 2018

Today’s the end of the deep freeze.

things in this picture:

north face summit series bubble with the faux fur hood

(2003ish-can’t find an online picture. I bought it at Transit and as I remember they were having an ill sale that day. Maybe it was during the transit strike a week before xmas? Possibly best deep winter purchase I’ve made. This jacket has been there for so many missions and when it got really cold at night I wore it for work with my bag under. Approaching 15 year old mark. I have a carhartt work jacket thats older than that. Probably bought in 1992 or 1993. That’s indestructible-The face is showing its age but is not replaceable.)

rudy project sunglasses

(2015. copped a helmet and got the free sunglasses deal. reccomended. I’m up for a new helmet this year. not sure what I’m looking at)

ramos worldwide bandana

(2017. Isaac is the man and designed this website, which is clearly the best bike website out there. I’ll post pictures of the bandana and the bag it came with soon.)

All this stuff got real use in the last week.

Speaking on costly winter cycling items.

This stuff lasts. You use it when it’s needed and you hold it down for years. its an investment.

BTW Landlords winter kit Santini order #2 is closed and gone. In production in Italy.

Thanks everyone who copped stuff. You gwan look so cool.

Looks like you can ride time in on the east coast right now. Then the bullshit starts.

Everyone should be rocking their bib pants and ls jerseys now.

In the spring, white jersey, new shorts? we see.