Survival Game

Nov 29 2017

A fun game for your and your friends.

if you’re friends aren’t rats and can handle the game.

(just kidding the game probably includes kidnapping, drugging etc. so don’t do it…It’s totally just here for comedy purposes. )

Game was concepted on the messenger wall at Rittenhouse Square, roughly 1997.

I think Shameak may have been the primary creator, but there was a lot of voices on the wall.

Works best with no phones. Worked better in the dark ages before phones.

You have to be down with it to do it.

You agree to play.

At some point in time the other agreed players will drug you with a sedative.

You will not know when or how but it will happen.

When you are fully out your squad drives you into the wilderness and leaves you there.

You have no money, no ID, no means of communication, no food and a bottle of water.

You wake up in the woods or desert or whatever and you must get back home using only your abilities.

You can not go to the police.

You can not call 911!

To win the game you must make it home without help from contacts.

You can’t call your mom.

You can’t call your friend.

If you lose I guess you die or you end up in jail or you have to call 911 or whatever.

Very shameful.

anyway the game continues down the line until all agreed players have made it back.

stories are judged.

best way back is ultimate winner.

Anyway good luck not playing.

You couldn’t win anyway.

Survival Game is no joke.