One Week

Nov 29 2017

Hey I haven’t been pushing this but I need to now to make it happen. There’s minimums we got to hit for winter gear. Step up now or IDK we’ll refund anyone else’s money.

I’m giving this a week to see where we pan out.

I don’t expect to do winter kit again after this so please get involved now.

Or you know don’t and then nobody gets it.

I’m not up for a big PR effort here.

This is one of those things where you need to make it happen.

So make it happen.

Pre-Order Now.

Time is massively limited.

We’ll see what happens in a week.

People that ordered the LS jersey and bib pants—

They are in production now.

Expect shipping soon!

Everyone else.

I mean you can have cold arms and legs and necks and hands or you can sit inside or you can use some busted gear.

Its not really my job to tell you how to live, but I can tell you how to look better than everyone else.

So do it.

Or don’t.

No hard sale tactics here.