Closing out the Year of Gear.

Nov 16 2017


Los Angeles.

Possibly our last US city. Definitely our last city for 2017. Be part of the US city roll call before it’s over.
We’ll shut this down end of November.

After this will take a break on the classic logo and move forward.

Did you miss out on the bib pants and LS jersey? Looking to keep your form in the cold. Looking to stay outside, not hibernate in the basement? Been outside in the cold climate lately? You know what this gear is for!

A year ago I said I wanted to do full kit for the team… This is the end of it. Be part of it or don’t be part of it. I can’t tell you what to buy but I can tell you arm and leg warmers are of top importance in cycling kit. Also get the head gasket, its the most proper…and if you’re actually hardcore get the jacket. I mean really. Buy gloves! You need warm hands for the real cold days.

Step into the cold.
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