Nov 06 2017

Some bike cops on a coffee break.

you can use these back pockets.

It was kind of weird setting this up with all these bike industry dudes walking around staring. Put your eyes back in your head dudes I have to put sweaters on the floor.

Transport party got real wild. Lots of people by 8 or 9 or something. I kept drinking this gin.

I meant to get one of those motorhead bandanas.

good jacket

best in show. I mean in real life everyone jocked richard sachs, of course, but this was my favorite. Got a chance to talk to Chris Chance too. super cool.

I did take some pictures of bikes:


It poured rain on Saturday night. A little slick and misty in the morning. Solid crew.

We finished this way ahead of schedule. Our ride got to the top to early for the brewery so we got an espresso break in Chestnut Hill instead.