OK. Now the clock is ticking.

Nov 02 2017

Vendor Bender Friday Night

Firth and Wilson Transport Cycles.

Danlord Flyer

Friday Night

Get lit and then realize this is the night you need to reclaim your youth and buy a wheelie bike.

Find Simon. Notice his accent. Beg him to pull one down for you. Buy it immediately. Ride out the door. Go the wrong way.

Keep riding for a while. Then be like:

“yo where am I”

Neighborhood’s looking a little rough.

Luckily you have a phone. Open up maps. Find your air b n b.

All these people driving by in cars are yelling out their window.

“Yo cuz do a wheelie”

Start to feel the pressure. turn your phone up loud because you don’t have headphones on you.

Put on “kill em all”

Ride fast like a metal head. You know coasting while standing up on the pedals, both legs straight.

Fuck it you’re going to try to wheelie on this thing.

Do a couple baby ones.

You go it.

Try to roll for a few feet oh you’re there.

You fall.

But now your one knee has a rip in it.

Looking good. You’re like Kirk Hammet.

Find air b n b.

Can’t get the door to work for 5 minutes.

Get in.

Go to sleep.

Wake up with a wheelie bike in your room

Call your one boy in Philly.

Tell him where you were.

He’s like

“Shit dude you were in the hood.”

A little hung over.

But not so bad because you drank Lagunitas Brand Beer, one of the great sponsors.

(Non Subtle Product Grab Attempt)

Just kidding.


You do Cranksgiving.

You weren’t planning on it but you wanted to be Posi.

Met a bunch of people.

Helped people.

Headed to the Expo now and you get in and you’re like “Holy Shit.”

You can’t even believe the shit in here.

“Fuck Interbike sucks! this rules.”

Some cool stuff you’re actually interested in.

It’s awesome.

Then you hear there’s a Ritchey party.

That’s tonight.

But you know you have the GS Landlords Summit Ride in the morning.

You’re a trooper you can handle it.

Fuck you used to stay up till 7:30am, sleep for an hour and then work a full day and do it all over again the next night.

So you do. You keep it responsible. Head home at a semi-respectable time.

Set your alarm clock. Instantly sleep.

Wake up and roll to the museum.

Chill out more. Meet some people. Crew and new.

Ride out to Germantown and Mt Airy and Chestnut Hill a lot of this good NWP riding that’s something of an open secret.

Can’t believe this is in Philly. Like what.

Ride back down the hill.

Get some more drinks on school house lane.

Ride down to the expo.

Walk around in your kit. All satisfied.

Finish up. Go to your spot. Get cleaned up. Load up your bike and your new wheelie bike. all the stuff you got at the swap.

Get home safe.

The end.