Where we at.

Oct 11 2017

You know…

We’re not a brand.

I’m not a company.

We’re a bike crew.

or a club.

or whatever you want to call it.

We’re an entity dedicated to preserving the traditions and connections to the old ways of cycling.

We’re messengers, mechanics, framebuilders, racers and riders.

We’re collectors and sellers.

We’re hustlers.

We’re fans and participants.

We’re people that live this every day.

We’re friends.

We’re dedicated to making things better and changing things that are wrong.

We’re the shit road with potholes and hazards that you take instead of the bike path.

We’re the harder route. The steeper hill. The sketchier descent.

None of us chose this lifestyle.

We didn’t pick the look or the attitude from a catalog.

It chose us.

When we sell gear it’s a way to rep the crew.

We keep things small and personal.

We don’t trust outside influence.

The crew decides what the crew is. It’s always been that way. Everyone of us decides who we are.

We ride everyday.

Some live. Some die.

All live forever in our hearts and in our memories.

It’s an addiction. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a sport. It’s a game.

It’s collective insanity.

It’s outside the realm of normalcy.

There is no shining light for us. There is no guide.

There is no one to follow.

We just take the path ahead and accept where it takes us.

We are physical expression. We are creative sport.

We are GS Landlords.

All of that being said.

I could use a hand here.

Trying to prep for exhibition, get out the magazine, plan for our ride, and pump out all the gear is taxing me this month.

I took a wash on the DC club shirts and ended up buying half of the minimum myself so that club could rep. I can’t really make this work like that. I’d like too.

It’s freaking me out trying to get through this right now.

there’s 20 or so days before the expo and a lot needs to happen to make things work.

If you can see fit to donate to the cause I can pull all of this together.

I’ve tried to take on all of this alone with no sponsorship and no help, but right now I have to ask.

(And I hate to ask 🙁 . )

I view the blog as a public service. A reference and a guide. A way to keep some aspects of cycling cool.

If you can spare 20 dollars or whatever you got it will help to pull everything together.

If you read this blog or look at the pictures (or copy shit from it to print in your magazine with no credit) do me a favor and look out this month.

I do this out of a love for cycling. I do it for all the reasons stated above.

Here-We are all in service of the Cycling Gods.

Please donate a few dollars, or more dollars to make things happen.

I’d like to raise a 1000 dollars this month.

If we can do that we can swing t-shirts for the Expo and make sure everything happens in a timely fashion.

Our exhibition can be up to par.

We can swing a round of drinks for the ride.

We can do more and get everything out in a timely manner.

I don’t like stressing about Landlords but right now I am stressed.

Silent Majority I need your help. Loyal squad I need your help.

Please help in the next few weeks for all this to come together.


Magazine subscriptions help!

Buying pre-order gear helps!

Buying winter kit helps to grow the crew.

Buying Chill Cycle spreads the message.

Going on the ride helps!

All is related. All is wrapped together in this package.