Sep 26 2017

I wish these Sidis were usable. But alas. I have destroyed them.

GS Landlords Madrid!

Dynamic Damien. The Way It Is.

I made 8 of these grey/green NYC shirts to match the cover of this record… Damien got one. Dan got one. There’s actually 2 at Firth and Wilson for sale but you have to tell them what record it matches to buy it. I mean really you should bring your record or cassette in with you as proof you’re down. A couple in the GS Landlords Big Cartel store. Click up above.

Halloween Warning. In G-town we start early and then leave it up all year. Just kidding. Kind of. I mean some houses never ever take it down. Actually that’s an exaggeration. I can’t think of one house that’s got year round stuff up– currently.