Sep 13 2017

Sloppy as hell! But I’m going faster. Sometimes did better, sometimes did worse!

Roadbike today I think. Physically I’m pretty smashed up.

The one thing I am missing is turning the big ring on a road bike.

It’s a hard adjustment to be dropped down into that tiny ring in the front and the big ring in the back for most climbing.

Trails were crowded yesterday at midday. I can’t imagine what it’s like Sat-Sun at 11. Interesting rider styles. Lots of camelbacks. I didn’t know that was still a thing. Kind of want to get down. And then again I don’t mind stopping once in a while. Because I’m maxed out.

maxing out.

Climbing on a road bike I know where to keep my heart rate, know when to push it and when to pull back. Climbing on a MTB is harder to keep under control. Lots of variable factors outside of grade. Obstacles. Terrain. Trail conditions. All of this can sneak up on me and push me into the red. If you put a foot down you are walking the rest of the way up on a lot of these steep sections. Momentary loss of concentration. I’m done. Turn handlebars the wrong direction. Can’t find the line. Front wheel smashed into rock. Pedal stuck on a root. Rider coming down the middle of the trail. Two riders spaced apart but not enough for me to keep momentum. No momentum. Arms to tired to pull up over a rock. Wet corner. Rotted tree all over the place. Some dude went buck and smashed rocks all over the place. Dogs off the leash… always. Old dudes who smoke cigars in the woods. All of this stuff is out there…