Suntour Research

Sep 06 2017

So I’m going to start riding mountain bikes and it starts pouring rain.

So here I am resizing 1991 suntour catalog pictures.

Top of the line component line.

Featuring an Accushift Transmission system.

I’ve had these pedals for a few years. Always assumed they were MTB pedals. Checked in the catalog. Cages don’t match up. If you look at the picture there’s a round cage and big drag tabs. The ones I have have an angled cage with small road sized drag tabs. They are (not) actually XC Pro road pedals, but they were used for cross, road etc. NOS price is currently $350. Used is $100. I don’t want to sell but will trade for 8 speed XT components specifically rear derailleur, front derailleur, decent crankset. XT U brake? Does that even exist?