Basement Dig

Sep 02 2017

Delaware Avenue.

You know when old people are like “man when this started everything was so pure. We did it for ourselves.”



Megawords Hamburger Eyes Duffed Out.

Dustward Trifecta.

I use these three publications as a basic visual guideline for what’s in and outside GS Landlords Magazine publishing parameters.


Tie. RIP. Ultimate Legend

Ari On the Go- G-town Orig

Brian Raymond print.

A bag full of stuff.

Bad Old Days. WRS.

Original Page for Duffed Out issue 2. Drawing from around 2005 of Williamsburg in 2009. Did i nail it?

Bike Block Dude.

original landlords DVD. original 1976 schwinn paramount crushing the comp.

I’m Tim Artz and I’m back from the dead. Hanging out in REI looking at a sled.

Fam get a towel. They’re like 12 dollars. Super fresh. Show off to your friends.

They don’t even know what this shit is.

It’s a secret club right out in the open.

Total mystery to some.


Lifestyle for others.