Sep 01 2017

I saw a “popular” x-pro whining on twitter recently.

He does it a lot. It’s his schtick. Unlikable american x-pro.

A lot of people like him- I guess just because there is no one likeable in US pro cycling.

This time it was something along the lines of-

“is there another sport where more fans think they could be pro than cycling”

Yo dude. I got some bad news for you. Some of them could be…

There is just no domestic interest or development of the sport.

You’re pulling from a tiny group of athletes in the cult.

A tiny group of american cyclists that went to college and joined a team.

If there was a general interest and you could pull from a bigger pool of athletes things would change.

the hand wringing about how special you are because you’re an american pro who raced in europe is silly.

If kids raced bikes like they played baseball you’d see the actual potential of US cycling.

Until that day that will never come you are going to be surrounded by a percentage of fans that think they could be you if they were given the right set of circumstances.

And some of them are right.