Why are american pro cyclists such knobs?

Aug 31 2017

Has there been a likeable american cyclist since Bobby Julich?

British pro cyclists too.

Besides Wiggins.

All current British pros are so wack.

What is it that creates this?

I think it’s this in the US.

Low interest in the sport creates a weak field of riders that can rarely compete in the European peloton.

Most of the people that do push through are legacy riders, rich or dopers.

The people that don’t fit that mold are chewed up and spit out, routinely.

Being in a tiny club of people that can do something only important to a tiny fraction of the population gives you an inflated view of your worth and personality.

Lacking the undoped athletic development and prowess of the European riders creates an even more slanted impression of yourself. A chip on your shoulder.

Then there’s the insecurity you feel because most Americans think they could do what you do or do not care what you do.

When you combine all these factors you end up with a bunch of shit personalities.

I was trying to develop a similar theory for GB riders but think that’s more of an Oxford Blues type of upper crust bullshit combined with the evil and money of Rupert Murdoch.

And a doping program?

IDK dudes that’s what all the former dopers are saying.