This is a pretty bullshit stopping test

Aug 25 2017

I’m not sticking my neck out for this kid. He seems like a dick and he killed a woman. You gotta pay bruv.

But… this cop produced stopping test video is bogus.

If you’re about to wreck you can hop and skip your rear wheel all over and spaz and skid and stop fast.

Shit you might not even have to do any of that if you got powerful legs.

You just stop.

But if it’s not your day you have whatever you need to pull out of your well developed repertoire. You use it in tiny pieces and you stop in a trackstand and then stare down the jaywalker or other moving obstacle and then get back to biz.

Look if you can’t do that you shouldn’t be riding on a fixed gear.

That’s not for dickheads bruv.

You got to respect the fixed.

Learn some control, you should be all muscle–no skid.

Sure skidding has it’s place in some tire wasting contest.

But on the strength you should just be able to stop your bike.

Check yourself if you can’t.

You ruin it for everyone when you do this dumb aggro shit and you got no leg control.


The fixed gear in the city was born in traffic and lives in traffic.

The spiritual connection is gone when you enter the bike lane.

I know you might not want to hear it but it’s true.

If you can not exist amongst the cars, cabs, trucks, and buses you should not ride a fixed gear.

This is where the big kids live. Amateurs stay home.

One more:

If you want to go above 15 mph you got to avoid mixed use commuter areas and well traveled bike paths.

Let them have it.

Your place is breathing exhaust and dodging potholes.