Aug 09 2017

I saw this late last night and expected it to be deleted by the time I got up.

I was wrong.

Almost 4000 likes. Lots of LOL’s.

It makes me embarrassed for pro cycling .

Way to live up to a stereotype dudes.


These two bruvs out at the bar. Can’t hold their liquor for shit.

A black man approaches them in some way.

They rarely see people of color.

The pro peloton has very few POC. The crowds are mostly to all white. The management is all white. The manufacturers are all white. The media teams are all white. The mechanics are white. The announcers are all white. The drivers are all white. Everybody involved is white ok?

Whatever conversation takes place with this gentleman.

“bruv, bruv could we get a selfie?”

They put this shit on instagram.

“Jay-Z bruv”

“bruv, bruv this will be classic, for the lads!”

“massive lad points bruv”

jack asses.

4k fans like it.

no one says shit about two white pro cyclists smirking in their dumb selfie.

“Jay Z the ledg”

colnago posts an ad objectifying a white woman, they are destroyed on social media, deservedly so.

geraint thomas with a dumb ass smirk on his face makes an instagram post calling a random black man Jay-Z and 4000 idiots like it.

Maybe there should be some kind of conversation about this.

Cuz to me it looks like attitudes haven’t changed since the 50’s.

fuck all that.

Hey when people ask what this website is about, or what GS Landlords is about.

It’s the opposite of this shit.

It’s an alternative for people into racing bikes who aren’t like the people that liked that post, or the people that made that post.

This is a multi-cultural crew and we don’t put up with this dumb shit.

If you ride bikes in any major urban area you will meet cyclists of all races and cultures.

All of us have a universal love of riding bikes.

It’s a bond between us.

This post pushes people away.

I mean to me it just seems like these dudes are like american frat dudes.

total bros.

preppy wannabe donald trump voters.