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Jul 24 2017

Issue 4 of GS Landlords magazine contains 16 pages of ORFN tribute containing all of the photos Aaron contributed in May of 2016. Besides being a legendary artist Aaron was an important component of the early fixed gear messenger scene that happened in the mid to late 90’s. He was one of us. His photos, artifacts and artwork here document that time. I wanted to get some of these out for Aaron’s benefit but it doesn’t look like that can work out. In place of that I’ll donate all profits from any issues sold direct to Aaron’s family. If you order before the last day of this month I’ll be able to get your donation out around the time of the opening. I know a lot of people that have learned about Landlords from instagram can’t figure out what we have going on here. This magazine might be able to give you a clue. I’ll keep this running for the duration of the availability of the series. I do want to stress at some point I’m pulling these magazines out of distribution. Please buy now.

Also I’ll old off on putting issue 6 up for sale until the 1st.

Listen, if you haven’t bought one of these yet… or bought the first one or the second one…

and haven’t copped the new big issues this is the time to get involved.

If you want to buy all of them or something email me.

We do have subscriptions. Just write in. But all of this stops after issue 13. And then there is no more.

I’m opening the door right now.

At some point I’m going to want to close it again.