Gold Vs. Sports Network

Jul 19 2017

Money Making Montel

Car racing commercial





Sick feed zone action.


Comcast controls the tour coverage in the USA.  They viciously crush all youtube rebroadcasts.


If you buy their online package you get a lot of racing for $40  and it goes all year.


I’m favoring Robbie McEwen these days, but switch over to the TV version for the Phil and Paul show.


I haven’t had cable in 8 years so I’ve missed their evolution into the Morning Zoo style thing they have going now with Jens etc.

Things have gone far in 20 years.

Old heads remember looking at the New York Times Sports section daily for their tour info.  full page or 2 page spread.  Big map.  Next day preview.  Standings.  Some good writing.

Maybe you lucked out and got a mountain stage on Sunday morning broadcast TV.

Lemond got final stage broadcasts too.

John Tesh or somebody announcing.