Jun 30 2017

I’m out for a couple weeks. Instagram will be running once in awhile. Expect a return around JULY 15TH.

Enjoy the holidays. Enjoy the tour.

Dan Lord sent these flicks in.

Simon is such a gangster and he has so much PMA.

Just to clarify:

PMA comes from this Napolean Hill book called “Think and Grow Rich” .

(the famous self help book that came out in 1937)

It’s about visualization and focus to achieve goals.

It’s not just a Bad Brains song

It’s not just a Unity song.

It doesn’t mean you don’t make fun of road cyclists that think they’re above shaving their legs.

It’s about positive mental attitude to achieve goals.


I hope we help you achieve your cycling goals.

What ever those are…

stay posi over break squad.

talk soon.

Also a big box of new Santini GS Landlords gloves is coming my way.

They are so fresh.