Videos of Devil’s Pool

Jun 17 2017

this one pretty much sums up the experience.

“You only have one life to live” yells the guy safe on the ground

mat t find.


Bootleg Tmz style youtube show. very sensational.

no bridge but good droney. hope these wiss bathers don’t have any open sores.


this is like 8 years old. where are they now lol.

7 years old. this dude is still up there today, he never jumps.

Everyone jumping off that Valley Green bridge and going off the rocks into the Wiss by Devil’s Pool should bathe in rubbing alcohol and chlorine water after jumping in.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could modify sewage treatment plants to not dump into our natural resources?

It’s got to happen at local levels.

Federal government doesn’t give a fuck. Would be happy to make it worse. 70’s style.

That’s where we at. During the election I read a bike blog by a framebuilder I really like and he was saying bikes shouldn’t be political.

He said everyone should be neutral once they are on the saddle. Leave the ideology at home.

I do agree with that. We all believe different things, have lived different lives and see things through our own lense. When we ride there is no politics, just physical expression and style.


When the current ruling party is set to destroy and divide so much we care about it makes it very hard to be apolitical out of the saddle.

When it threatens our environment, diversity and unity we have to speak up.

You have to speak up for things you care about. You have to be active in fixing the things that are wrong.

If you do not so much will be lost.