Gentrification Timeline

Jun 14 2017

you want gentrification status:

first: graffiti writers/artists/musicians/diy squad/skateboarders etc.

( the actual fringe. )

second: gay dudes and teachers

(If you grow up in the hood this is when you start to really take notice. you might see a couple weirdos creeping around and not think much but when the coffeeshop opens…)

third: coffee shops and galleries

(this is hard to happen in the hollow because it’s all residential with very few possible locations. There is a restaurant on Germantown Ave and coffee place coming soon maybe. Nothing to do with us LOL. they are more than a mile away.)

fourth: bros, normals and students.

students beget bros or something like that.

Hollow is setting up for this. Around it is there’s all these big old apartment complexes they are rebranding and refurbing as like urban life on the park for students, bros, and young professionals that like to jog and have pets. I guess they see the lower priced big houses and are like hmmmm.

fifth: yuppies and “gourmet” delis

sixth: airbnb, retail and restaurants and no place to stay.
(I don’t see this really happening here, but hey who knows? The pizza restaurant looks like they put some $ into it. check in 10 years.)

You can not fight it. BTW. I mean if you want it to stay the same. Some people welcome it, some people despise it. I don’t really have a political side of the issue. I think it’s better to add to the neighborhood rather than change the neighborhood. That’s my personal opinion.

But it always brings change in the end. People stay, people go, but when prices max and you can make a bunch of dough a lot of people do leave.

In terms of resisting it:

Missing Foundation, Duke 9 et al tried in the East Village in the late 80’s early 90’s.

I had the pleasure of working with some of these guys for a long time. Long after all that. But I got the stories and then later watched the news reports and stuff on youtube.

Some of it I remembered.

Fake satanic cults and graffiti. burning trees. physical violence. burning cars. riots.

Do you remember all the pentagram with the 666 inside fill-ins around the east village and SoHo in the mid 90’s?

That was part of the plan.

For the US that was kind of the last big resistance from the fringe…

The hood tries to hold it down but…

You can try every crazy trick you can think of and money is always going to win.

Not that Germantown has anything to do with the East Village.

But that’s the general pattern….

I don’t know how it will be accepted here. It is happening.