Pusher Man.

Jun 13 2017

Caps and Towels should be arriving so soon.

Kenny Kaos wrote in 2 times freaking out about his shirt.

Dogs, I got you. Pre-order is a long and winding road. This one contained hills and valleys. Right now I’m on the descent waiting for everything to arrive. Then when I get the kit I will put it in packages and sit on my computer transferring addresses for a couple miles and then climb up a figurative mental hill to the Germantown PO and then we will all be dipped. I will get a medal and go to Wildwood Crest for a week to celebrate.

In the meantime fuckers–

There are still caps and towels available from this order. And wool sweaters. And issues 2-4 of the magazine. And back issues of #1. And I’m pricing out a package deal for issues 1-5 in the under $100 category or maybe over IDK yet.

Check out Andrew’s sweater…





Issue #2 will be hitting back issue status soon!

Here’s a ringing endorsement

The G.S. Landlords zines are all on Blurb. Support good folks making what we love about cycling!

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You can still cop the LO hat from Mash!


You know that’s Woody holding the poster in that flick?

Hey Real Shit:

Our 2017 Santini Line is in the works now! Fuuuuuulllll kit. That includes the fall and winter shit we did not do in 2016. OMG bruv. It’s fucking nuts.

I was thinking I was going to hold off on LL street kit for a second now and move into the fabled artist series.

OK see enough selling….

hot as shit out there right?