Philly Summer Night

Jun 13 2017


animals sighted:
large raccoon

people seen way up:
-2 people leaning on a van at Valley Green
-old scientist type guy putting together a brompton style bike with what looked like bmx bars.

people seen way down:
-old scientist on brompton rolling with lots of lights and I think some cameras.
-family of kids at Valley Green
-rolled past a ranger truck at some point.

devil’s pool update:
-it was going off on the way down. loud. lots of phone screens lighting up.

illness factor
-hard to say. seemed pretty dead but when it gets this hot this long lurkers start lurking everywhere. devil’s pool attracts most of the crowd.

queen lane report:
-Morris corner was going off. I didn’t fuck with Pulaski. But I did see a large dice game happening around 5. Avoided.

off topic:
I remember walking to Devil’s Pool for the first time back in the 90’s. I didn’t know where I was, couldn’t believe I was still in Philly. Not sure who led that expedition. Just remember walking back up the trail with gravel and water squishing out of my shoes and like 1 million mosquito bites.

hey a lot of Landlords used to pool hop around the western philly suburbs. That was very live. Good times. One time we got chased and Esher walked the tracks all the way back to Philly. I remember getting pretty good at hurdling bushes.